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In today’s world with an ever-increasing volume of academic papers, ensuring factual accuracy and maintaining user control over AI-generated outcomes become paramount, especially in the realm of science. Libraries, recognized as inherently trusted 'innovation hubs', play a crucial role in responsibly adopting AI and nurturing AI skills among their patrons.

For librarians, information professionals, and researchers alike, the pertinent question is no longer if AI should be integrated into library services, but rather how it can be done effectively.

Introducing The Researcher Workspace 1.0 - a comprehensive AI-driven platform tailored to your research needs. With the capability to swiftly pinpoint the right papers and patents, this platform empowers you to contextually refine your reading lists, craft summaries, automatically extract data, and even chat securely with your reading lists! Dive into the six modules designed to alleviate the most time-consuming literature-processing tasks and experience them live.

🌟 Join our upcoming webinar and discover:

  • A live demonstration of the Researcher Workspace in action.
  • Effective strategies to harness its potential for your unique research needs.
  • Insights into how academic libraries leverage the Researcher Workspace.
  • The manifold benefits of integrating the Researcher Workspace into your research methodology.
  • A detailed look at its diverse modules and their individual applications.

And the cherry on top? Every participant will gain exclusive access to a recorded version of the webinar, available for anytime playback. 🌌

Elevate your research game. Join us!

7 December 2023

4pm CET | 10am EST | 7am PST

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